Travelling puts everyone in touch with peoople of different cultures, religions and ways of life.

Europe, with its millenary and complex history, has always been a center of deep exchanges and comparisons and, for this reason, Travel-Lab TO & D.M.C. introduces itself as a reliable partner in group travel organization towards all European destinations, full of history and interesting ideas around which to build tailor-made products.

Travel-Lab T.O. & D.M.C. bases its philosophy on the deep professional knowledge of the destinations covered, on its operational flexibility and an excellent realtion quality/price; characteristics, all that have become synonymous with reliability and security for all our customers.

The staff of Travel-Lab T.O. & D.M.C. develop unique and exciting proposals , suitable to satisfy the curiosity of all types of travelers, even the most expert and exacting ones.

Our services:

  • Flight ticketing

  • Transfer by car/minivan/bus to/from airports

  • Hotels and meeting venues

  • Team-building activity


We are lucky to have our offices in Italy - the country with the highest concentration of landscapes, architectural and artistic goods in the world - and we want to share all this with our Clients, this passion for the thousands of shades that a journey through the many Italian regions can offer.

Travel-Lab T.O. & D.M.C. can assure tailor-made programmes for any specific request, with the awerness that there are certain places which must really be visited and therefore included ina trip to our country, as well as destinations that are not usually considered in standard tours but that will fix unique and unforgettable memory in our Customer's mind. a surplus value to the journey around the Beautiful Country

Artistic routes discovering the history and the beauties that have made Italy famous all around the world, as well as some wine and food itineraries selected by staff members truly fond of this subject and of the  excellent Made in Italy products; a "rural" Italy, yet to be uncovered, that will know how to intrigue you with its uniqueness and creativity.

Our tourist brands:

The Italian Lakes