100% Parma & Valleys

It is the new tourist product by Travel-Lab T.O. & D.M.C.

We are always interested to offer our partners and customers new tourist destinations in Italy: beyond the Italian Lakes District, we are proud to present the amazing core of Parma and its valleys.

Excellence n. 01: FOOD AND WINE
Parmigiano Reggiano, Borgotaro Porcino (mushroom), Parma Ham, Culatello, Lambrusco wine and much more.

Excellence n . 02: MOTORS
Varano de' Melegari autodrome, leading companies in the field of automotive engineering.

Excellence n. 03: ART
Castles of the Duchy, Busseto, native homeland of Giuseppe Verdi, cute little old villages and much more.

Excellence n. 04: NATURE
Natural reserves and wilderness areas with breathtaking views.

Excellence n. 05: SPORT
Trekking, cycling and water sports.



Thanks to the partnership with Varano de' Melegari Autodrome (PR),  Dorado International Center for Safe Driving and Dallara, a leader company,  we are glad to promote some new special tours, which have been made, with the support of the well-known brand Motorvalley, and Principato Landi Club.

Our tours, or "laps", using the jargon of the engines, could be provided both for individuals and small groups. They are characterized by: high speed, art, good food, classical music and health, the right ingredients for a Made in Italy experience.
All proposals are customizable, depending on customers' wishes.

Lap 01 | Circuit between motors, art and taste

Lap 02 |  From the motor racing track to the table at high speed

Lap 03 | Overtaking tastings in Emilia Region

Lap 04 | Breathtaking accelerations and refined relax

Lap 05 | Progression of passions

Lap 06 | The roar of engines and classical music